Delivery Day

El Brown
2 min readMar 19, 2021


I took delivery of my Tesla Model Y a month ago. I’d heard and read horror stories about Tesla service in the year or two before buying mine. My experience was decidedly more mixed. First the positive.

One day before my delivery appointment, Tesla announced a $2,000 price drop on the Standard Range model I had ordered. I had a sleepless night of stress over whether I’d have the discipline to walk if they wouldn’t honor the new price. I thought since I placed my order and put down my $100 deposit at the old price, they’d play hardball. However, there was no reason to worry. When I called the Scottsdale delivery center, the staffer I talked to told me they were already redoing my contract and to expect an email shortly. Of course, I have no idea whether they’d have honored the lower price if I hadn’t called, but there was no hassle whatsoever. Good start.

The negative happened on delivery day. My appointment was at 3 and was supposed to be touchless. From the many YouTube videos I’d watched, I expected my new car to show up in the Tesla app on my iPhone just before my appointment time. I thought I’d let myself in, sign the paperwork waiting for me on the center console and be on my way. It didn’t happen that way.

When I got there, I saw my Standard Range Y in the parking lot, but it didn’t show in the app. When I went inside the delivery center office, they admitted they were running behind and it would be a minute before my vehicle was ready. That minute turned into about 80 minutes. I signed the paperwork in the office and was off to the races.


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