The thing about articles, YouTube videos and blogs like this one is that the writers tend to focus on the negative. Despite the best of intentions, I fell into the same trap. When you’re spending a lot of money, you tend to have expectations. That’s normal. …

With four problems identified when I took delivery of my Model Y, I was hoping to get mobile service, where the issues would be addressed in my own driveway. Unfortunately, the exurb where I live isn’t in the service area. I had to make an appointment at the Tesla service…

The Model Y is the first vehicle I’ve bought without a test drive. Pulling out of the parking stall at the delivery center was my first experience in command of a Tesla. My 17-year-old laughed at my first twitchy accelerator input. …

I took delivery of my Tesla Model Y a month ago. I’d heard and read horror stories about Tesla service in the year or two before buying mine. My experience was decidedly more mixed. First the positive.

One day before my delivery appointment, Tesla announced a $2,000 price drop on…

Every Tesla has a name. Mine is the U.S.S. Crazy Horse ▪ NX-1101

Where do you start writing about your experience with Tesla? Only Apple has had more ink spilled about it. What’s to say that hasn’t already been said? Instead of the longer form blogging I did with my first electric vehicle, the BMW i3, I’m going to go with shorter posts for my Tesla adventure. This will be random observations and opinions. I hope you’ll come along.


Up Next: Delivery Day

While going through a folder linked to an old personal blog, I found this quick-hit piece from 2009 listing my Top 3 Gadgets of the time. I’ve added a brief update to each item for some modern day perspective.

The best you could get in 2009: Apple’s iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3Gs

When it comes to my top three favorite gadgets, the iPhone…

Sometimes You Might Have to Read the ****ing Manual

One of my favorite writers, David Pogue of the New York Times*, put out a column today instructing gadget nerds on which “tech terms to avoid.” It’s in response to complaints he gets from so-called newbies who feel bewildered by tech terms they don’t understand.

Among the words he’d like…

Day One Impressions and Full Review

Four color combinations will eventually be offered, but only black is available at launch. According to Apple, ivory, moss and navy will follow later this summer.

I’m coming to this Powerbeats Pro impressions piece from two years of near daily AirPods use. I picked up AirPods on the first day they were available and used them heavily. Snagging a set of Powerbeats Pro wasn’t quite so easy. Upon release, they were on back-order within minutes. …

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